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Flex Impact Kick Rails, Kerb and Wall Barriers

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Flex Impact Kick Rails, Kerb and Wall Barriers guard walls and skirting boards from collisions or accidents. They are designed to protect building assets from any impact that may occur low to the ground, like forklift tine penetration. These protective barriers can also act as wheel guides and stoppers for pallet trucks and trolleys.

Like all Flex Impact products, these options are extremely cost-effective. They are extremely useful around any workplace, especially when protecting valuable equipment. Flex Impact Kick Rails are built from impact resistant polymer and retain their shape, look and features even after a collision.

Three versions are available to suit varying requirements – Kick, Kerb and Hexa. All our barriers can be integrated with Flex Impact systems for a full safety solution.

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Flex Impact Kick Rails and Barriers are perfect for walls and kerbs. 

Collisions with warehouse racking, walls, building infrastructure or valuable equipment can have significant consequences. Materials to fix such damage can be costly. Flex Impact products ensure that such scenarios can be easily prevented. Try our Flex Impact Kick Rails, Wall and Kerb Barrier. With three options available, these solutions will help protect your facility.

Three Models are available!

The Kick is specifically designed to absorb impacts that take place low to the ground. The rectangular-shaped design is ideal for protecting skirting boards and walls from low impact collisions in high-traffic zones such as car parks, construction buildings and warehouses.

The Flex Impact Kick Rail is easy to install and is a cost-effective way to prevent rolling stock from colliding with machinery, people, stored goods or infrastructure.

Flex Impact Kick Rails and Barriers

Flex Impact KICK RAIL

The Kerb is similar to the Kick Rail option, but with the added benefit of being able to connect to multiple Kerbs together, to give continuous protection.

The Kerb is made of synthetic material and is perfect for protecting walls and skirting boards from scuffs and damage caused by vehicle collisions. This is an easy and cost-effective way to protect high-traffic areas from low impact collisions. The Kerb is designed for quick and easy installation and can be extended as required. Also view our Menni Asset Protection System.

Flex Impact Kick Rails and Barriers

Flex Impact KERB RAIL

The Hexa is a hexagonal-shaped, synthetic kick rail which is ideal for protecting walls and skirting boards from collisions.

The Hexa is a slightly bigger and heavier version of the Kick with a hexagonal design rather than rectangular. The Hexa is installed low to the ground and provides good protection in heavy traffic areas such as warehouses and car parks where there is a risk of vehicles damaging walls. The Hexa can also be used as a wheel guide or stopper to help prevent light-wheeled objects such as containers, pallet trucks and trolleys from rolling into machinery, stacked goods or vehicles.

Flex Impact Kick Rails and Barriers

Flex Impact HEXA RAIL

View our new FLIP Kick Rail!

An innovative design, the FLIP Kick Rail is a robust safety board that can be constructed along angled pathways or walkways. We also offer specially designed wheel stops that prevent vehicles from overshooting their parking space.  This prevents damage to vehicles and increases safety in parking lots. Learn more about our Wheel Stops.

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