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Drum Vac-Super Box Thruster Twin

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With twin box thrusters venturis this is the most powerful air powered drum vac in the market. By popping it onto any 205litre steel drum it turns into a powerful vacuum. It has a solid powder coated steel construction and comes complete with a pressure gauge, a 50 mm intake suction pipe, twin, filter cartridges (paper, foam washable or polyester anti-static washable) with reverse air blast filter cleaning as standard.

The unit is a wet/dry system and can be upgraded to anti-static for hazardous and explosive situations like grain silos and mines as there is no aluminium in the Drum Vac’s construction.

It has twin silencers and twin dust collector bags attachment points to reduce escaping exhaust waste in environmentally sensitive areas. The sound signature is a low 69 dBa.

Multiple models to choose from with air usage 40cfm, 60cfm, 80cfm, 100cfm, 120cfm, 160cfm & 200cfm and ultra high power at 260cfm. They have a superior airflow and super low air consumption for massive suction velocity. The price is constant for different air usage systems. There is virtually zero maintenance. The vacuum ranges from 541 to over 609 millibars. The standard accessories are 5metres of 50mm flexi hose and wand with squeegee or 63mm hose system with 63mm metal probe.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

200 L Vacuum wet/dry


200 L Vacuum wet/dry anti-static


Steel 205L closed head drum

P205CH $265.00

4T4 Drum Trolley
Max Load: 300kg
Wheels: 120mm front and 100mm swivel rear


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