Autotruck Guided Towing Vehicle – Mini AGV

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The Autotruck is designed as a flexible, automatic quiet (<70 dBA), an efficient and unobtrusive vehicle for internal, light materials handling applications, making it a cost-effective solution in the healthcare industry

The Autotruck drives automatically following hard-wearing, 20mm wide self-adhesive Diamond reflective tape that is used to map the route on the floor and automatically stops at chosen self-adhesive stop station markers for loading and unloading.  The route and the stops are infinitely adjustable to any requirements.

When connected to any different type of load carrier trolleys the Autotruck can be adapted to precisely suit your internal materials handling requirements.  The Autotruck can be used on any normal industrial flooring and also in hospital environments.

Autotruck will also carry an additional 50 kg on its flat top.  Operating time is a minimum of 10 hours of continuous operation with 70 Ah batteries and maximum load.  The Truck can also be driven manually by remote control or on the truck control panel.

Autotruck has a steel chassis construction with an ABS plastic cover.  All drive motors, electronics and batteries are contained within the cover.  The rear wheels are of a rubber construction and the drive wheel polyurethane.  The control panel is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.  A flashing light operates when the vehicle is in operation.  Batteries are charged via an external connection.

The front of the vehicle contains two safety switches.  The Bumper will stop Autotruck the moment it encounters an obstruction, also ultrasound sensors detect obstacles in the path of the vehicle within a distance of 700mm.  An optional high rise warning is available for increased visibility.


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