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Automatic Shipping Container Unloader

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Unload and Palletise Shipping Containers Automatically with this unique and innovative product! Featuring a patented design, the Automatic Shipping Container Unloader is built to robotically assist the unloading process of loose loaded containers.

Loading and unloading shipping containers physically is labour demanding and subject to regulations associated with Workplace Health and Safety and lifting weights. Semi-automatic unloading with the unique COPAL Automatic Shipping Container Unloader Model C2 improves this problem significantly and ensures employees avoid heavy physical work

The Automatic Shipping Container Unloader also commonly known as a Container Destuffing Machine, can unload, and palletise cartons, bags and other goods from containers, competently, rapidly and economically, with minimum effort. It is ideal for unloading and palletizing of jute bags filled with coffee beans for instance. It can even automatically direct these materials for storage and interface with Warehouse Management Systems. 

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Continuity in unloading!

The COPAL Automatic Shipping Container Unloader increases the stability of container unloading processes. During unloading, a worker can tire due to constant physical work or tough working conditions. Manual container de-stuffing can really reduce abilities in processes. With demand increasing in the logistics industry, this can become a significant issue. Automating processes for incoming goods and receivables with our Model C2 Automatic Shipping Container Unloader is the perfect solution.

The Automatic Shipping Container Unloader increases productivity and is a great investment. 

Our Model C2 systems save time and reduce costs, making them a concrete solution with a high return on investment. By reducing time when unpacking containers, your workplace can generate a higher turnover and process more jobs, per day. This also improves worker confidence in handling processes. All these great benefits ensure a constant unloading capacity that ultimately improves company results.

Other additional expenses that could be costing your organisation include waiting for time charges, insurance costs, sick leave costs and damage bills. Let us show you how the Automatic Shipping Container Unloader can save big in your company. Speak to one of our Sales Representatives who are happy to help you calculate the Return on Investment according to your circumstances.

These systems are patented and certified to contribute to the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility of your company.

Two models available…

MODEL C2 for unloading goods from containers

The C2 Automatic Shipping Container Unloader unpacks loose loaded goods (cartons, sacks or other types of goods) directly from containers effortlessly. It unloads bulk loaded containers or mixed loaded containers automatically. If required it can palletise the products or link up directly to the existing internal logistics system.

Automatic Shipping Container Unloader

C2 System


MODEL C2 MOBILE for unloading goods from containers anywhere

The C2 MOBILE Automatic Shipping Container Unloader is transportable and integrated with a trailer that can be transported to any location required, for unloading and palletising heavy jute bags, cartons and other goods semi-automatically. The system can be moved quickly and easily to operate at multiple locations, also at open air sites. Dock levellers are not required. After unloading, the goods are palletised by a robot, according to a stacking pattern set by the customer. After completion, the pallets are removed with a forklift truck.

Automatic Shipping Container Unloader

Model C2 Mobile


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