Altrac Fall Arrest Rail

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As Altrac developed in a functional role, it evolved into a safe system without much effort. Along with traditional materials handling application, it proved to be an excellent product for fall arrest systems.

Altrac is an ideal product for your fall arrest system because it accommodates multiple users without displacing them all if one person falls. It does not rely on intermediate anchor points so there is no hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting the lanyard assembly.

The system is lightweight, simple to install and can be made into any size or shape. Altrac meets the safety standards and provides the functionality, handling, durability and easy-installation and maintenance you need in the visually attractive package you want.

Recent Height Safety Project with Altrac

Altrac was the chosen product for the fall arrest system atop the ventilation system for the Cross City Tunnel in Sydney (shown, left). Tracks running on the outside and inside allow for cleaning and complement the overall look of the building.

2006 Innovative Product of the Year, Industrial

The now-complete project sits near Darling Harbour in Sydney next to the Imax Theatre where the Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards ceremony was held August 31st.

Altrac Height Safety System was named the 2006 Innovative Product of the Year in the Industrial sector.

The award is given for innovation, creativity, acceptance in the market place, delivery of value to users and competitive advantages.

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