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Altrac Crane Rail Bracket Systems

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The key to the ease of assembly of the Altrac lightweight, extruded aluminium, crane rail system is the range of standard brackets and mountings plus the provision of ‘T’ slots in the extruded track section upper flange to allow the use of captive nut fasteners. The three slots give unlimited scope for positioning of suspension brackets and mounting locations. This also provides easy mounting of ancillary equipment such as collector rails, catenary systems, electrical equipment, air lines and fittings. A full range of structural brackets is available to easily and safely install and support the complete system. Download the PDF leaflet below.

All that is required is a single spanner and an electric drill. The system being lightweight and modular can be quickly and easily installed allowing for future modification, extension or relocation. All brackets and fixtures are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Fasteners are grade 8.8. Brackets and Mountings are supplied complete with rivets (where necessary) bolts, nuts and washers. It is so easy.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Splice kit


Two Bolt Hanger
Mounts parallel and 90° for suspension and bracing


Single Bolt Hanger
Mounts parallel and 45° for suspension and bracing


Altrac End Stop


Altrac Bridge Hanger


Altrac Beam Clamp
For mounting Altrac 90° to beam flange


Altrac Multi Purpose Mount Adaptor


Altrac Ceiling Bracket


Altrac Rail – per metre


Altrac Rail 90° bend


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