Airport Luggage Tug

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These three-wheeled scooters are designed to ensure all airport baggage is collected efficiently and successfully.  This cost-effective solution only requires one employee to operate, allowing for quick and safe navigation through airports.  A rear platform also can see other personnel ride on the Scooter when long distances are to be travelled.  The Airport Baggage Scooters is complete with:

  • Permanent Magnetic Brakes
  • Flashing Alarm Lamps
  • Horn
  • Emergency Shutdown and Key Operated Access

The Airport Luggage Tug also comes with 4 x 6V/180Ah Maintenance Free Batteries and an On-board 240V Charger.  The scooter’s top speed is 6km/hour and it weighs 281kg.  The turning radius is 1940mm and we provide special adaptors for all types of trolleys.

Supermarket trolley collection models are also available.
Measurements:  1640mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 1235mm (H) – this height includes the warning light.

Click here to view our DROVER Stand on Tug which is ideal for airport trolley pick up and personnel transport. 


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