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Everyone wants to go about their busy day without taking unnecessary risks. Our range of safety step stools, ensure that you can safely reach for high places.  They are proven performers in heavy traffic areas such as libraries, supermarkets, factories and offices.  The wide base platforms together with the non-slip steps means your foot stays where you put it!  Anti-skid pads are fitted for extra safety on slippery floors.  They come in an extremely visible and safe colour range and are extremely robust.

The following step stool codes are fitted with retracting castors M2523, SBS6106, SBS6107, MTS150 and MWMS.

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Product variations

ImageDescriptionProduct CodePrice
Plastic stool 406mm top dia. x 330mm highM2523POAGet a quote now
Poly stool 475 x 475 x 380mm highSE739APOAGet a quote now
Metal stool 280mm top dia. x 355mm highSBS6106POAGet a quote now
Plastic stool 280mm top dia. x 355mm highSBS6107POAGet a quote now
Poly stool 385mm top dia. x 395mm highMTS150POAGet a quote now
Aluminium stool 423 x 505 x 448mm highMWMSPOAGet a quote now
Poly stool 500 x 500 x 360mm highSE1513APOAGet a quote now
Plastic Handistep 370 x 200 x 410mm highSFS10408POAGet a quote now
Poly Giant step 750 x 500 x 500mm highMWP500POAGet a quote now

* All prices subject to location and freight costs