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The Quikstak lets you lift and lower pallets for fast unloading and loading of products.  Making transfer quick and easy, the Quikstak Auto Stacker allows you to reach optimum ergonomic height, with no bending needed.

One of the best features of this unit is its infrared height sensor, that automatically moves to the operators selected comfortable working height.  When the infrared sensor is switched off, the stacker reverts to a standard straddle stacker.  The unit comes with an adjustable height hand wheel, and is optionally available as an electronic, infinitely variable speed drive version.

The Quikstak has a galvanised finish with fibreglass covers and is normally supplied in a push version.  A 2500kg model and higher lifts are available.

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Product variations

Image Description Product Code Price
Capacity (kg) 1000
Lift (mm) 1000
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Capacity - 1500kg
Lift - 1.0m
MA1015POAGet a quote now
Capacity (kg) 1000
Lift (mm) 1800
MA1810POAGet a quote now
Capacity - 1000kg
Lift - 1.25m
MA1210POAGet a quote now
Capacity - 1500kg
Lift - 1.25m
MA1215POAGet a quote now
Capacity - 1500kg
Lift - 1.5m
MA1515POAGet a quote now
Capacity (kg) 1000
Lift (mm) 2400
MA2410POAGet a quote now

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